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Un film de Jorge Thielen Armand
Venezuela, Colombia, Francia, Países Bajos. 2020.
108′ min.

Jorge Thielen Armand

Jorge Thielen Armand
Rodrigo Michelangeli

La Faena Films

Co producción
In Vivo Films
Viking Film

Rodrigo Michelangeli
Manon Ardisson
Rodolfo Cova
Jorge Thielen Armand
Zach Lebeau
Kim Jackson

Felipe Guerrero
Louise Bellicaud
Claire Charles- Gervais
Marleen Slot

Jorge Roque Thielen
Yoni Naranjo
Carlos “Fagua” Medina
Juan Luis Escriban Lott

Rodrigo Michelangeli

Felipe Guerrero

Sonido directo
Marco Salaverría

Eli Cohn

Leila Bordreuil

Con el apoyo de
Berlinale World Cinema Fund Europe
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, en partenariat avec le CNC
Proimágenes Colombia
Tribeca Film Institute Latin America Fund
BAFICI – Buenos Aires Lab, ARTE Cinéma International Prize
TIFF Writer’s Studio
Cine Qua Non Lab
Guadalajara IFF – Co-Production Meeting




Roque, who is old enough for a midlife crisis, has just wrecked his mother’s car. He blames the chaos in Venezuela, but his parents don’t share this view, and throw him out of their house. To battle his demons, and the drink, he travels into the southern jungle to renovate a cabin he built there in happier times. He meets old friends, now captivated by the gold rush. His desire for redemption conflates with an increasingly violent environment. By turns lyrical and raw, realistic and intimate, feverish visions also reflect the inner state of the protagonist – who not by chance is played by the filmmaker’s father (who also had a minor role in his debut, La soledad). The film briefly references the crisis in Venezuela, but Roque’s quest is inspired mainly by the stories Thielen Armand heard from his father about his own battle to give up alcohol. Further mirroring reality, Roque also has a filmmaker son who has emigrated to Canada. On his personal connection to his films, Thielen Armand says: “As an exiled Venezuelan I am invaded by a feeling of loss, a longing for something that is no longer there.”

IFFR Rotterdam Tiger Competition
Países Bajos
Enero 2020

Febrero 2020

Marzo 2020